The Collaborative Force of Certify and SecOPERA

Fruitful Collaboration

The European Union (EU) has a vibrant research community composed of highly innovative and creative individuals. We are deeply impressed by our recent interactions with the excellent EU research project SecOPERA. Following a brief introduction, we immediately got to work investigating the possibility of future collaboration. We were delighted to find commonalities in the areas of interest between our two EU research projects, and we were amazed at how quickly this could be accomplished. The several European countries that comprise our alliance are kindly funded by the EU. We think this will be very beneficial to the academic communities in which we are involved. We are excited to work together and explore fresh concepts and opportunities.

About SecOPERA

“SecOPERA aims to provide a one-stop hub for complex OSS/OSH solutions delivering to a connected device designer, implementer and operator as well as any open-source software/hardware developer, the means to analyse, assess, secure/harden and share open-source solutions as those are integrated in an overall complex product developed for a networked connected environment. The SecOPERA hub offers to the open-source community a framework supporting the open-source DevSecOps lifecycle and generates secure open-source solutions along with appropriate, verifiable security guarantees.”

Future Plan

We are happy to announce the creation of a cooperative agreement in our first interaction between our respective endeavors. We will collaborate on organizing online seminars and webinars, taking part in collaborative exhibits at scientific conferences, and carrying out distribution and utilization duties. We are excited about the possibility of this collaboration and expect it to have a major positive impact on our individual fields of study. We are confident that working together will produce creative answers to complex problems because our combined efforts should have a compounding effect. There is a lot of excitement as we anticipate discovering the possibilities of this partnership and cooperating to meet our shared goals.

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