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WISP was founded with the goal of drawing in and showcasing the most recent findings in security and privacy research on IoT and continuous computing. The best papers will be chosen through a rigorous

CERTIFY at University of Salamanca

Juan Manuel Corchado, president of the AIR Institute and professor of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at University of Salamanca, explains that the CERTIFY project focuses on the certification of high security mechanisms to protect systems related to IoT-based devices.

In The Press

CERTIFY in the Press

On-Going Research

On-going Research

Deliverable D6.1

The deliverable was submitted in M9. It establishes Communication, Dissemination, Exploitation, Standardization plans as well as Demonstration Activities

Deliverable D7.1

The deliverable was submitted in M3. It establishes the project management and quality procedures and tools for efficient coordination and communication between partners, as well as the data management procedures , aiming at ensuring CERTIFY compliance with project excellence standards.

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