Deliverable D6.1

Plan for Communication, Dissemination, Exploitation, Standardization and Demonstration Activities

The deliverable was submitted in M9. It establishes Communication, Dissemination, Exploitation, Standardization plans as well as Demonstration Activities. It includes tasks from T6.1 - T6.3.

Through various channels and platforms, we aim to share the knowledge and benefits of Certify with the wider community. Our team actively engages in conferences, workshops, and seminars to present our findings and foster discussions with experts in the field.

In order to maximise the project's impact, we also understand how crucial standardisation is. We make sure Certify is compatible with current systems and can easily integrate into varied environments by adhering to established industry standards and working with pertinent organisations. This makes it possible for our project's solutions to be used in a more effective and efficient way.

We also recognise the need of standardising in maximising the project's impact. By following to established industry standards and collaborating with relevant groups, we ensure that Certify is compatible with current systems and can simply integrate into a variety of scenarios. This enables a more effective and efficient utilisation of the solutions from our project.


In conclusion, the Certify project's dissemination, communication, standardisation, and exploitation are essential to its success. We want Certify to be a widely used and significant solution in its field by successfully sharing our knowledge, conforming to industry standards, and utilising collaborations.

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