Secure Management of Devices Enabling an Intelligent and Connected Aircraft Cabin

Manage cybersecurity of IoT devices installed in a aircraft cabin is throughout their whole lifecycle.

  • Challenge – New generation aircrafts are equipped with thousands of sensors connected using wired and wireless protocols, generating GBs of data per second. These devices suffer from cybersecurity risks and security flaws which are safety critical.

  • Innovation – A dynamic monitoring, inventorying, risk assessment, re-configuration and patching of multitude of IoT connected devices for reducing unscheduled grounding and making the same maintenance process more reliable.

  • Results – A prototype consist of edge nodes, and master node. The remote management centre will supports enforcement of and compliance to cybersecurity requirements through OTA reconfigurations, patches and updates of the IoT devices deployed, as domain requirements and threats evolve.

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Smart Micro-Factories

Manage the security of assets during lifetime, strengthening the cybersecurity in industrial production processes and set a foundation to secure industry 4.0

  • Challenge – In smart production floors the machines and tools are connected via robust industrial specific bus-systems protocols, with no cybersecurity layers for internet connected communication in the design. Additionally, data is often aggregated via additional sensor networks. These complex settings and systems are coming along with an increased attack surface.

  • Innovation – Flexible, lightweight and robust authentication, device bootstrapping, OTA updates and timely security requirement solutions for smart micro-factories.

  • Result – Set up a tested at an industrial manufacturing floor; online management user interface to add assets, group them to compartments, control API access and monitoring the security status of the entire grid, risk mitigation; highly resilient and secure decentralized architecture with interfaces and tools to manage the security of assets during lifetime.

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Tracking and monitoring of artworks

A sound cybersecurity solution to track artwork with cryptographic processors, encryption and authorization for recorded track data

  • Challenge – Transporting exhibit masterpieces and artworks is a critical activity. The tracking and monitoring of the artworks during the transportation and during the exhibition time is a concern for all the stakeholders. Cybersecurity is a crucial matter for the monitoring and protection of artworks and concerns issues like user/administrator role authentication and the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive data.

  • Innovation – The tracking and monitoring device a SE as a dedicated cryptographic processor and dedicated HSM for key storing. The data is being signed with the help of the private key and included in the DLT.

  • Result – IoT node device, with an embedded dedicated cryptographic processor based on a SE certified; A data view of the logged data is available to the stakeholders after authentication to the monitoring device; provide an effective alarm system reporting when pre-set thresholds for critical values of microclimatic and vibration are met

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