Deliverable D7.1

Project Management Handbook QA Procedures & Templates and Data Management Plan

The deliverable was submitted in M3. It establishes the project management and quality procedures and tools for efficient coordination and communication between partners, as well as the data management procedures , aiming at ensuring CERTIFY compliance with project excellence standards.

Firstly, a brief description of the project, its consortium partners and workplan, including the deliverables and milestones, are presented to establish the framework of the document and the starting point of the management approach.

Regarding the project management procedures, after the description of the organisational structure – i.e. the main consortium bodies, roles and responsibilities – the document details the reporting and deliverables submission process, the decision making mechanisms and the risk management strategy.

Besides, this deliverable presents the quality management processes, that includes the definition of a series of templates for supporting the project document production or the internal review of the deliverables quality, among others actions.

Furthemore, an overview of the different communication tools to be used within the project is provided, with a central focus on the CERTIFY Repository, a protected online platform where project documents will be available to every partner.

Finally, the deliverable contains the Data Management Plan, a provision of the types of data that CERTIFY will generate and collect, together with the description of the standards to be used to represent it and how partners might exploit it, supporting GDPR compliance.


A key element for the success of a project and the achievement of its objectives is a clear and rightly performed project management strategy, mainly based in the continuous and effective communication between the project partners. Therefore, this document offers a high-value guide for all partners involved in CERTIFY, given that it seek to optimize the coordination efforts made by them and assure that all actions and activities within the project are coherent and coordinated.

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