CERTIFY join hands with CONNECT

Fruitful Collaboration

The European Union (EU) is home to a strong research community made up of people who are incredibly inventive and creative. The outstanding EU research project CONNECT that we just encountered left a lasting effect on us. After a brief introduction, we started looking into the prospect of working together in the future. We were surprised at how fast we were able to identify similar interests between our two EU research projects, and it was gratifying to do so. Each of our particular consortiums is generously financed by the EU and consists of partners from various European nations. The project coordinators of CERTIFY and CONNECT, Antonio Skarmeta and Connect Coordination team respectively, are especially appreciative for starting this relationship. We anticipate that this collaboration will significantly benefit our academic communities. We are enthusiastic to start cooperating and are looking forward to discovering fresh concepts and chances.


The vision of CONNECT is to address the convergence of security and safety in CCAM by assessing dynamic trust relationships and defining a trust model and trust reasoning framework based on which involved entities can establish trust for cooperatively executing safety-critical functions. The CONNECT Trust Management framework is the basis that models and captures the trust relationships of the next generation CCAM systems. CONNECT's new safety paradigm is a key element in bringing autonomous driving to a completely new level of trustworthiness and is expected to lead to long-term consumer acceptance as a result.

Future Plan

We are happy to inform that our two efforts have now interacted for the first time and have developed a collaboration agreement. We'll work together to plan online workshops and webinars, attend research conferences with a common booth, and carry out dissemination and exploitation initiatives. This collaboration excites us, and we have no doubt that it will significantly advance each of our fields of study. Together, we think we can have a bigger effect and come up with creative answers to challenging issues. This relationship opens up a lot of exciting possibilities, and we anticipate working together to accomplish our shared objectives.

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