CERTIFY come closer to ENTRUST

Fruitful Collaboration

The European Union (EU) boasts a significant research community composed of innovative individuals. We recently connected with a captivating EU research initiative called ENTRUST, and following a brief introductory discussion, we started exploring potential future collaborations. We were amazed at how quickly two EU research projects could find common interests. Our individual consortia are EU-funded and comprise partners from different European countries. We express our appreciation to the project coordinators for CERTIFY and ENTRUST respectively, for initiating this partnership.


The EU-funded ENTRUST project will seek to tackle the lack of cybersecurity implementations in connected medical devices without limiting their wide applicability. The proposed trust management architecture will dynamically and holistically manage the lifecycle of connected medical devices, strengthening trust and privacy in the entire medical ecosystem. This includes formally verified trust models, risk assessment processes, secure lifecycle procedures, security policies, technical recommendations and real-time conformity certificates. ENTRUST Trust Management Framework will be validated and evaluated in four real-world use cases ranging from wearable and medical devices used for remote patient monitoring to high-end stationery equipment used in hospitals and clinics.

Future Plan

This marks the initial contact between the two projects, and we have reached an agreement to collaborate by participating in research conferences with a joint booth, arranging virtual workshops and webinars, and conducting dissemination and exploitation activities. We are thrilled about this collaboration and believe that our joint efforts will be more impactful.

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