About Workshop Committee

We are happy to announce that CERTIFY will participate in the Workshop organized by Encrypt . This Workshop will take place on 1 June 2023 and main aim for this workshop is Clustering with EU projects. Projects like AI4CYBER, KIANITICS, CROSSCON, CERTIFY, TRUSTEE . Project coordinator of the CERTIFY project Professor Antonio Skarmeta from the University of Murcia will represent Certify in the Workshop.

Workshop Format

The Workshop has been broken up into a number of Clustering Projects , each of which has its own set of Objectives, Use Cases, Technical Solutions, Architecture and Platform Description. The representative of each Project will give briefing about the objectives, use-cases and how Project will solve the on going issues in IT world.

Aim of Workshop

This workshop is aimed to bring together experts from different EU projects working in cross-layer issues in the areas of user-centric security, privacy and trust in the IoT. The goal is to present the recent results to the research community, the industry and standardisation bodies and exchange ideas for joint research activities in the future.

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