About Workshop Committee

We are happy to announce that Certify is organizing Workshop on Internet of Things Security and Privacy (WISP) in the Global IoT summit 2023. Organizing committee membersfor this workshop are Professor Antonio Skarmeta from the University of Murcia who is project coordinator of the CERTIFY project, Konstantinos Loupos (Inlecom, Greece), Christos Xenakis (University of Piraeus, Greece). Workshop have a separate technical committee consisting of several members from different EU projects. This workshop is supported by EU projects like ERATOSTHENES, CERTIFY, ENTRUST, CROSSCON.

Trust in future Digital Society

The enforcement of security and privacy notions are widely considered as the main barriers for the design and development of IoT-enabled scenarios. With the massive deployment of wireless communication technologies and the integration of IA techniques, IoT devices are becoming more autonomous and pervasive in our surrounding environment. On top, the already increasing number and heterogeneity of IoT devices is further increasing needs on a harmonized security and privacy layer. This aspect will be reinforced with the integration of 5G technologies to realize a data-driven society. In this context, current digital and physical infrastructures will be the target of potential attackers, in order to get access to the information provided by such devices. This trend toward hyperconnectivity also means an increase of security and privacy risks, since IoT systems will often operate on behalf of their owners by disclosing potentially sensitive data.. These concerns must be tackled by joint efforts involving manufacturers, regulatory bodies, policy makers and end users to increase trust in the future digital society. For that reason, there is a need to develop joint strategies addressing the identification and mitigation of security and privacy risks to promote the deployment of IoT systems on a broad scale.

Aim of Workshop

This workshop is aimed to bring together experts from different EU projects working in cross-layer issues in the areas of user-centric security, privacy and trust in the IoT. The goal is to present the recent results to the research community, the industry and standardisation bodies and exchange ideas for joint research activities in the future. Finally, the threats of the IoT for the citizens will be identified analysed, discussing also how the results of the projects can help mitigating these threats.

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