Fruitful Collaboration

The European Union (EU) is home to a thriving research community made up of highly creative and innovative individuals. Our recent encounter with a remarkable EU research initiative CROSSCON, left a lasting impression. After an initial brief introduction, we immediately started exploring possibilities for future collaborations. We were thrilled to find that our two EU research projects had common interests, and we were amazed at how quickly we were able to discover this. Our individual consortia have partners from diverse European nations and are generously funded by the EU. We are extremely grateful to Antonio Skarmeta and Crispo Bruno, who are the project coordinators of both CERTIFY and CROSSCON for taking the initiative to establish this partnership, which we believe will yield significant benefits to our respective research communities. We are eager to embark on this collaboration and look forward to exploring new ideas and opportunities together.


CROSSCON will implement a security baseline across the whole IoT system to avoid “easy” entry points for attackers. CROSSCON aims at addressing all these issues by designing a new open, modular, highly portable, and vendor-independent IoT security stack that can run on a wide range of devices that may use heterogeneous hardware architectures. CROSSCON aims also at improving and enriching the traditional trusted services offered by existing TEEs. CROSSCON’s stack will be able to guarantee trusted services with high-level of assurance across an entire IoT system. To overcome interoperability issues, CROSSCON must provide to the layers above a unified set of APIs to use TEE functionalities and trusted services.

Future Plan

This marks the first interaction between our two projects, and we are delighted to announce that we have established a collaboration agreement. Our joint efforts will involve participating in research conferences together with a shared booth, organizing virtual workshops and webinars, and carrying out dissemination and exploitation activities. We are enthusiastic about this collaboration and believe that it will bring about significant positive changes in our research fields. We anticipate that our joint efforts will generate more significant impacts, leading to innovative solutions to complex problems. We are excited about the opportunities that this collaboration will offer and look forward to working together towards achieving our common goals.

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