Fruitful Collaboration

The EU research community is large and full of innovators. Last week, we got in contact with a very interesting EU research project called, ORSHIN. We quickly had an introductory call and discussed about future collaboration. It was great to experience how quickly two EU research projects find synergy. We both are EU funded consortium research projects which have partners from different countries in Europe. Special thanks to project coordinators Antonio Skarmeta and Barbara Gaggl from CERTIFY and ORSHIN respectively for establishing the connection.


It is common wisdom that cyber security is only as strong as the weakest link in a chain. Therefore, the main challenge is to identify the critical points of IoT infrastructure. To address this issue, ORSHIN is creating the first generic and integrated methodology, called trusted lifecycle, to develop secure network devices based on open-source components while managing their entire lifecycle. ORSHIN's trustworthy lifecycle consists of different phases (design, implementation, evaluation, installation, maintenance and retirement) that form a chain of trust. This lifecycle defines how the safety objectives are translated into policies for defined phases. Using this holistic view, ORSHIN will address critical links, reduce threats and improve security of open-source devices.

Future Plan

It is the first interaction between the projects. So far, we have agreed to have a presentation on 23 February 2023 where partners from both the projects will introduce themselves, talk about project objectives, and vision. It will be first step towards strong relationship. Furthermore, we want to take part in research conferences together with common booth, organize online workshops, webinars and dissemination/exploitation activities. We are very excited about the collaboration. We are stronger together.

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