Introducing the CERTIFY Podcast Series

Introducing the CERTIFY Podcast Series

Introducing the CERTIFY Podcast Series – a deep dive into the world of IoT security! This series is dedicated to exploring the challenges and solutions in securing the Internet of Things.

In our first episode, Rohit Bohara, CTO of digital worx, engages with Mirko Ross, renowned expert and CEO of asvin GmbH, to discuss the current landscape of IoT security. Their discussion addresses key issues including problems, risks, vulnerabilities, and advanced security solutions.

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Episode #001: IoT Security | Mirko Ross and Rohit Bohara

The Mirai botnet incident of 2016, exploiting unsecured IoT devices to launch massive DDoS attacks, highlighted critical IoT security gaps. In response, the European Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) enforces stringent security standards for IoT devices, with severe penalties for non-compliance. As AI integrates with IoT, dual compliance with cybersecurity and AI-specific regulations becomes essential. Learn how these developments shape the future of IoT security in our latest podcast episode.

IoT Security Challenges

In our first podcast episode, Mirko Ross identifies three key challenges in securing IoT devices: hardware security, software supply chain integrity, and user behavior. The CERTIFY project offers comprehensive approaches to these issues. For hardware security, CERTIFY ensures devices use secure components. To address software supply chain integrity, it provides robust mechanisms for software updates and patching. For improving user behavior, CERTIFY simplifies device onboarding and decommissioning processes. By covering the entire IoT lifecycle, CERTIFY aligns with regulatory frameworks like the European Cyber Resilience Act and prepares for future AI integration. Tune in to our podcast to explore these challenges, solutions and their impact on IoT security.

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