CERTIFY join hands with PUZZLE

Fruitful Collaboration

The EU has a vast research community that is brimming with inventive individuals. Recently, we made contact with an intriguing EU research initiative named PUZZLE . After a brief introductory conversation, we explored the possibility of collaborating in the future. It was remarkable to witness how swiftly two EU research projects could discover shared interests. Our respective consortia are EU-funded and include partners from various European nations. We extend our gratitude to the project coordinators, Antonio Skarmeta and Stylianos A. Kazazis, from CERTIFY and PUZZLE, respectively, for establishing this connection


PUZZLE is a project funded by the EUʼs Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, which consists of thirteen partners representing research institutes, universities, technology providers, infrastructure providers (and users) and industrial partners (including eight SMEs & MEs) from eight EC member states and associated countries. PUZZLE will implement a highly usable cybersecurity, privacy and data protection management marketplace targeted at SMEs & MEs that enables them to monitor, forecast, assess and manage their cyber risks through targeted cybersecurity services, increase their cybersecurity awareness through the efficient heterogeneous information processing, the establishment of knowledge sharing with other SMEs & MEs and extract insights based on advanced analytics.

Future Plan

It is the first interaction between the projects so far, we have agreed to take part in research conferences together with common booth, organize online workshops, webinars and dissemination/exploitation activities. We are very excited about the collaboration. We are stronger together.

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