CERTIFY together with REWIRE

Fruitful Collaboration

The European Union (EU) boasts a dynamic research community composed of highly innovative and creative individuals. Our recent encounter with REWIRE, a fascinating EU research initiative, left an indelible impression on us. Following a brief introductory discussion, we immediately began exploring potential avenues for future collaborations. We were thrilled to discover that our two EU research projects shared common interests, and we were astounded at how quickly we were able to identify this. Our individual consortia consist of partners from a diverse range of European countries and are generously funded by the EU. We are immensely appreciative of Antonio Skarmeta and Stylianos A. Kazazis, who serve as project coordinators for CERTIFY and REWIRE, respectively, for initiating this partnership. We believe that this collaboration will generate significant benefits for both our research communities, and we cannot wait to start working together to explore new ideas and opportunities.


REWIRE envisions a holistic framework for continuous security assessment of open-source and open-specification hardware and software for IoT devices and the development of cybersecurity certification in accordance with the requirements and guidelines of recent EU regulation Cyber security Act. The proposed scalable and multifunctional cybersecurity platform will ensure the security throughout the life of the IoT devices with continuous security auditing, trust computing and theorem proofs for defining a HW based microarchitecture for enhanced protection targeting to open-hardware / software vulnerabilities.

Future Plan

We are pleased to share that two projects have initiated their first-ever interaction and that we have reached a collaborative agreement. Our joint endeavors will entail participation in research conferences through a shared booth, hosting virtual workshops and webinars, and conducting dissemination and exploitation activities. We are highly motivated about this collaboration and confident that it will bring about considerable positive transformations in our research domains. We envisage that our combined efforts will generate more impactful results, leading to innovative solutions to intricate problems. We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration will provide, and we eagerly anticipate working together to achieve our shared objectives.

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