CERTIFY together with SECANT

Fruitful Collaboration

A strong research community made up of people who are incredibly creative and imaginative is found within the European Union (EU). Our recent interaction with the outstanding EU research project SECANT left us with a lasting impression. After a brief introduction, we started looking into potential future cooperation right away. We were happy to identify similar interests between our two EU research projects, and we were astounded at how rapidly we were able to do so. Our many consortium members come from different European countries, and the EU kindly funds them. We are particularly appreciative of Antonio Skarmeta and Loukas Athanasekos for taking the effort to create this collaboration, which we feel will have a substantial positive impact on our respective academic communities. They serve as the project coordinators of CERTIFY and SECANT, respectively. We can't wait to start working together and look forward to exploring fresh concepts and opportunities.


The SECANT platform will enhance the capabilities of organisations’ stakeholders, implementing (a) collaborative threat intelligence collection, analysis and sharing; (b) innovative risk analysis specifically designed for interconnected nodes of an industrial ecosystem; (c) cutting-edge trust and accountability mechanisms for data protection and (d) security awareness training for more informed security choices. The proposed solution’s effectiveness and versatility will be validated in four realistic pilot use case scenarios applied in the healthcare ecosystem. Ultimately, SECANT will contribute decisively towards improving the readiness and resilience of the organisations against the crippling modern cyber-threats, increasing the privacy, data protection and accountability across the entire interconnected ICT ecosystem, and reducing the costs for security training in the European market.

Future Plan

As this is the first interaction between our two initiatives, we are happy to report that a collaboration agreement has been made. We will work together to organize virtual workshops and webinars, participate in research conferences with a common booth, and carry out dissemination and exploitation tasks. We are excited about this partnership and think it will have a substantial positive impact on our research sectors. We believe that working together will have a greater impact and result in creative solutions to challenging issues. We are enthusiastic about the possibilities that this partnership will present and are looking forward to collaborating to realize our shared objectives.

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