Project 1st Plenary Meeting – Rome

First Plenary Meeting

The Engineering Ingegneria Informatica Spa in Rome served as the host for the first plenary meeting of our project, which took place there on April 18 and 19, 2023. There were both physical attendees and online attendees at this hybrid event. While some partners participated via video conference, the majority traveled to Rome to attend the meeting in person and take advantage of Professor Antonio Skarmeta's hospitality. The aim of the conference was to coordinate and evaluate the project's development over the first six months. The project includes, among other things, project management, technological development, dissemination, standardization, and exploitation.

Meeting Format

The project has been broken up into a number of work packages (WP), each of which has its own set of obligations, goals, and deadlines. Formal presentations were made first, followed by an open discussion of the ideas. The owners of each work package described the actions needed to complete the goals, objectives, deliverables, and tasks during the first phase, during which they also highlighted the progress accomplished over the project's initial six months. To help people understand their jobs and outcomes, several task owners gave detailed descriptions. In the second phase, the project's partners put forward important concepts and discussion topics, and they all came to an agreement on a unified stance to advance the project's development.

A positive result

We would especially want to thank Antonio and the Engineering Ingegneria Informatica Spa team for the excellent organization of the meeting. All project-related technical and administrative issues were covered in-depth during our discussion. The project structure, the other partners, and their contributions are now well understood by each partner. The partners used the gathering to network and forge bonds with one another that will grow stronger as the project goes on. The discussion ended with us compiling the project's action items and future stages.

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