Project Kickoff Meeting – Murcia

Project Kickoff

We had project kickoff meeting from 20 to 21 October at the University of Murcia. It was a hybrid event, physical and online. Most of the project partners travelled to Murcia to enjoy the hospitality of our project coordinator Prof. Antonio Skarmeta and some joined the meeting online. The objective of the meeting was to begin the project related activities. The project involves technical development, dissemination, standardization, exploitation, project management etc.

Meeting Format

The project has been organized in multiple work packages (WP). Each WP has tasks, deliverables, objectives and milestones. The meeting was organized in 2 phases, formal presentation and open discussion. In the first phase, respective work package owners presented the activities needs to be carried out to fulfill the goals, deliverables, objectives and tasks. In some cases, task owners described the tasks in details and gave deeper understanding about them. In the second phase, important topics and ideas were put forward by project partners for open discussion. Additionally, a demo was shown using STM Discovery board.

A positive result

The meeting was remarkably well organized, special thanks to Antonio for that. We touched upon and discussed in detail each technical and administrative aspects of the project. Each partner has better understanding about the overall project structure, partners and their contributions. During the project meeting, partners spent times networking with each other and built a relationship which will get stronger as the project progresses. At the end of the meeting, we collected the action points and next steps of the project.

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